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  • LC-lide5 Electric Actuator

    LC-lide5 Electric Actuator


    ■High performance, high strength

    ■Aluminum alloy die-cast, beautiful and smooth, light and compact

    ■Can be installed at any angle, tightly connected with the valve

    ■Built-in overheat protection function, Double limit and overload protection

    ■Can be manually operated using the supplied crank handle after power is turned off


    Through the external power supply or adjusting the power supply switching signal output by the meter, the output shaft can be used to make the corresponding angular displacement to drive the valve opening/closing actions,  then achieving the adjustment of the liquid gas flow.

  • LC-SM-10 Electric Actuator

    LC-SM-10 Electric Actuator

    LC-SM-10 Series Rotary Electric Actuator is specially used in controling of 0-90 °or 0-160 ° Corner travel. Available used for operating and controlling Drive damper butterfly valves, Gas linear valves and Small ball valves etc.

    Installation Environment

    ■This product can be installed indoors / outdoors

    ■This product is an non-explosion-proof item, please avoid used under the flammable, explosive and other similar environments

    ■Protection measures need to be installed, if the long-termraining, oil &other flying objects, and especially under the  impact of direct sunlight environments.

    ■Please reserve space for maintenance such as wiring and manual operation etc., The environmental conditions temperature  is in the range of -30 to +60°C.

    Installation Environment

    ■Pay attention to the medium temperature when selecting the valves, If the medium temperature is too high, it will be transmitted to the body, which reduces the service life.

    ■When the temperature of the medium is too high, the fixed support connected to the valve can reduce the heat conduction.

    ■Medium temperature <80 °C, selecting standard support

    ■Medium temperature >80 °C, selecting heightened standard support

  • LC-BT-40 Electric Actuator

    LC-BT-40 Electric Actuator

    Supply Voltage:220VAC  24VAC  110VAC  50/60Hz

    Control Signal:4-20mA  1-5V  0-10V

    Running time:55s(90°)  30s (90°)  15s(90°)

    5s(90°)  3.3S(90°)

    Output shaft torque:55s(40Nm)  30s(25Nm)  15s(15Nm)

    5s(5Nm)  3.3S(5Nm)

    Operating environment: -30℃~+60°C

    Protection Class:IP54  IP67 (Optional)

    installing direction: 360°installed at any angle

    Corner travel: 0-90° adjustable or 0-160° adjustable

    Motor Power: 15W

    Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ/500VDC

    Compressive Strength: 1500VAC/1min

    Net Weight : 3.2Kg

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