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  • FSC-1600 Series Combustion Controller

    FSC-1600 Series Combustion Controller

    The main technical parameters


    Input voltage:AC  220V/24V 50/60Hz                

    Lonic bar cable length:75m (maximum)                      

    Protection level:IP54                            

    Environment temperature:-20℃ ~ +65℃                        

    Environment humidity:< 95%                            

    Operating life:>100 thousand times

    The maximum current of driving the gas valve:1A ;Power factor:1

    The maximum current of driving the ignition transformer:2A ;power factor:0.2

    The maximum current of the output terminal:2A     AC Voltage:250v

FSC-1600 Series
Description and Application


* 24 hours continuous operation, hundreds of thousands of operating lifetimes

* IP54 protection level,Apply to site or cabinet installation

Operation status display,fault information display and frame intensity display

Remote or on-site reset

* Flame threshold can be set

* Meet the European EN298 standard


FSC-1600 is a high-performance combustion safety controller.It has high detection sensitivity and reliable safety control performance.It has many functions ,such as ,fuction can be set, multiple failure indications, startup process and current flame threshold value display,which improves stability and controllability of operation.The light column shows the flame state to optimize the combustion efficiency, and is an ideal energy-saving product for reducing energy consumption and pollution.

FSC-1600 combustion controller applies to safety control of industry and commercial combustion system ,Auto-ignition and flame detection for a variety of gas fuels and liquid fuel burners.Wide range of applications, can be used in steel, machinery, metallurgy, glass, ceramics, chemicals and many other industries.

Technical Specification

The main technical parameters


Input voltageAC100~240V 50/60Hz

Lonic bar cable length75m (the longest)

Flame threshold value: 1μA(Minimal)

Protection level:IP54

Environment temperature-20℃ ~ +65℃

Environment humidity< 95

Operating life>100 thousand times

Shell material:PC/ABS Black (Wiring base color )  Blue (shell color ) 

The maximum current of driving the gas valve:1A       power factor1

The maximum current of driving the igition transformer:2A     power factor:0.2

The maximum current of the output terminal:2A ;  AC Voltage:250v

Overall Dimensions and item No.



Panel description:


Installation diagram

Rail installation                                                                                                                                                  



 Fixing plate installation 


Wiring diagram







Key operation

RESET keyIn the non-set status, the system can be started and stopped. In the setting status, the parameter setting can be switched.

INFO keyUse when entering setting status.

 key and keyMake parameter changes.

* Common setting parameters

In the power-on status ,press the   key an “INFO” key 3s at the same time to enter common parameters settings.

Press the “RESET”key to switch parameter symbol and parameter value.

Press thekey and   key to select  the parameter to be set. selections are as follows:

* Parameter symbol








Flame sensitivity settings: 1  10, the higher the value, the lower the sensitivity.




Re-ignition settings:0 for no secondary ignition

 1 for secondary ignition.




Startup settings1 for No panel operation requried at startup,0 for need to start from the panel operation




Ignition time settings30600.1S for the unit




Setting of whether to detect the signal when ignition:0 for No detection,1 for detection




Press the“RESET”key to save and exit. 

If nP is set to 0, it is necessary to wait for 10 seconds before starting the second start process when entering the fault state.

Working sequence

It mainly defines the running time sequence,time definition and fault status of controller.

1.  Explanation of operating status displayed

(1)Power on, code "OF" stops

(2)Prepare, code "x 0", x shows the flame threshold value

(3)Flame Simulation (T1), code "x1"

(4)Ignition step (T2), code "x2"

(5)Normal operation, code "x3"

(6)Fault self-locking code, refer to the fault type table

2. Normal start


When receiving the starting signal,  it performs a flame simulation test within the waiting time T1 after the controller is working.LED shows x1,if no flame is detected,the start-up safety time T2 LED shows x2 and it also supplies voltage to the gas valve and the ignition transformer at the same time,within T2s ,after receiving the flame signal,the signal output terminals 13 and 14 are closed,the burner starts normally and the LED shows the current running status code x3. The ten-digit LED shows the flame threshold value.

3.No flame signal during start-up process


After the burner is starting normally, if the controller does not detect the flame signal within the start safety time T2 ,the fault lock occurs,The fault signal output terminals 8 and 9 are closed.During the entire start-up safety time T2, the gas valve is open. The LED flashes to display fault code E2.

4.Start with a flame signal


There is  a flame signal when starting ,FSC-1600 is waiting for T1 flame simulation test,the maximum waiting time is 25S, if T1 flame signal disappear in the flame simulation delay time,the burner will enter the normal start-up procedure, otherwise it will enter the fault-locked state,meanwhile the LED flashes to display fault code  E1.

5.Self-locking or restarting after flame failure extinguishing 

The controller has self-locking and restarting function after extinguishing,which decides whether the burner will lock or restart once again after flame failure extinguishing.

(1) Self-locking after flame failure extinguishing

A flame failure occurs during operation,the controller enters the  fault-locked status in T3 and the gas valve closes at the same time,the fault signal output terminal 8 and 9 are closed,and the LED flashes to display fault code  E3.

(2) Automatic restarting after the flame extinguishing


If the controller detects that the flame is extinguished after at least 2 seconds of normal operation, then the gas valve is closed during T3,at the same time the fire signal output is interrupted and the burner automatic restarts again for one time.If the burner fails to restart, it will enter the fault -locked state,LED flashes with fault code E2.If the controller detects a flame signal during T2,a fire signal is output,LED shows the current running status code x3,and the restart is completed.

6.Frequent opening and closing during T2.

If the start signal is turn on or off more than 3 times during the same start-up process,the controller enters the fault-locked state and at the same time LED flashes to display fault code E4.

7.The time between starting twice is too short

If it starts too often, the LED flashes to display fault code E7.

8.Continuous remote reset

The continuous remote reset signal input time received by the controller cannot be greater than T7,otherwise LED flashes with the fault code E6.The device maintains its original operating state and the fault is removed when the remote reset signal disappears.

9.Remote reset frequency is too high

If the remote reset operation frequency is too high,LED flashes with fault code E5.The controller enters a fault-locked state, This fault can be removed only by pressing the INFO/RESET button on the controller.


10.Failure type table


The meaning of failure


The method of removing failure

E 1

There is a flame signal at start-up


 Remote reset or on site reset

E 2

Ignition failure


  Remote reset or on site reset

E 3

Unexpected flameout


   Remote reset or on site reset

E 4

3 times opening and closing action within 15s of remote start signal


On site reset

E 5

3 times opening and closing action within 10s of remote reset signal


automatically release without opening and closing action within 10s.

E 6

Remote reset signal is not restored

Continue operating

Remote reset canceled

E 7

Twice remote start signal times <10S


Disconnect remote wait and start

E 8

Internal error


Remote reset or on site reset

E 9

Internal error


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image.png Cautions

Installers should have professional training and practical experience.

Please check the installation level of the product to ensure that the product is suitable for installation.

* The power must be disconnected before installation ! Must be well grounded ! Otherwise it will cause personal injury and death or equipment damage !

* Full consideration must be given to protection against accidental electric shock and ensure that personnel do not come into contact with parts that are not fully insulated!

* Please read the installation instructions carefully before installation. If the operation is incorrect, it may cause damage to the product or cause an accident.

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